Hello fellow viewers,

It’s great to connect online with other dreamers, travelers, admirers. I have a couple of blog followers (hello to you and thanks for the follow). Also you will notice from my side bar I’ve uploaded a handful of photos to the Instagram Tripherau account if you haven’t visited [Click Here] to check it out. I’ve had the account for 2 days and we have reached 150 followers. There is defiantly more amazing photography to come.

Next Friday the 26th I am going to be flying of Perth, Western Australia bound for New York to attend a wedding. Then I am travelling across to Europe for my first trip through Europe. Whilst in Europe I will be visiting Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. I’m so excited to explore but more importantly take a break from work and recharge.

This below is an outline where I’ve visited in the last 7 years of commencing my first overseas trip. There are so many locations I’d love to go back and spend more time especially Colorado and more remotes areas of Asia. There will be some great content coming from the below locations.

Note: I do not include layovers as having visited or traveled a location.  


United States

States, Cities and Locations

United States

  • California
    • San Francisco
    • San Jose
    • Monterey
    • Big Sur
    • Santa Maria
  • Nevada
    • Las Vegas
  • Colorado
    • Denver
    • Estes Park
    • Rocky Mountains
  • Florida
    • Orlando
    • Miami
    • Tampa
    • West Palm Beach
  • New York
    • Manhattan
    • Brooklyn
  • Illinois
    • Chicago
  • Washington DC
    • Washington DC Capital


  • Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Island
    • Kowloon Bay
    • Hung Hom
    • Victoria Peak


  • Sabah
    • Kota Kinabalu
  • Sarawk
    • Kuching
  • Singapore


  •  Denpasar
    • Bali


  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory (minimal travel only as a child)
  • Queensland
  • South Australia (minimal travel for work)
  • New South Wales (minimal travel only as a child)
  • Victoria (minimal travel only as a child)
  • Tasmania (minimal travel only as a teenager)

Holiday Beat for the Day

Aslove ft Daniela Andrade – ‘Feel Good’ (cause that is how we all feel on holiday right!!)

Welcome to Tripher

Well this is the first post for Tripher my travel blog. I’m a travel blogger located in Perth Western Australia. I’ve been inspired to a web blog as part of a university assignment for Curtin University for Nets1001 Web Communications. The main objective for the assignment is to create web presence and which was also purposeful. Given I enjoy travel, adventure, and connecting with others it was a good opportunity to actually share my experiences and record my memories of the footprints I’ve left through my travels around the world.

We are truly blessed by the advancements of technology  where we can so easily connect and share with people all over the world. The ability to do this has lead me to experience locations and travel spots that ordinary I would never have found without the engagement of the online community.  It has defiantly advanced since my livejournal and diaryland days.

I’ll be posting some retrospective memories of trips that I’ve to to countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, North America, and Australia. I’ll take them into as much detail as possible. I have always enjoy writing but never taken it as far as travel journalism.

Travelling is a privilege and I am so grateful whenever I get to experience someone else’s culture. The wealth this brings to your soul is worth more than your material accolades.

I welcome you to share my posts, comment, engage in sharing your experiences where you can relate or have additional information you can share with others.




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